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It took three days till the fire at Jawahar Dweep

The fire fighting operations were carried on for three days by MFB and MbPT (Mumbai Port Trust), with the help of three fixed monitors and two portable foam induction monitors. Rahangdale, the fire was confined to the state-run Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited’s (BPCL) tank No 13, which exploded due to high heat. All other containers were decanted when the operations were in process.S. According to the fire chief, P.

It took three days till the fire at Jawahar Dweep (Butcher Island) was finally doused by the Mumbai Fire Brigade (MFB) on Sunday. As of now, the cooling operations of adjoining tank no 14, 15, 16 and 12 are in process by using water curtain from all sides. The fire officials China EVA umbrellas manufacturers had to use thermal imaging cameras to determine the volume of diesel fuel left in the tank..The 30,000 kilolitre tank was filled to capacity when it caught fire. However, cooling operations are underway now and no casualty has been reported so far. "Due to tremendous heat, the affected tank defragmented at about 11.

"It is the best operation because in the past, huge damage to property and loss of lives have occurred in such operations. The teams involved here made it possible to contain the fire to the affected tank in a day-and-night operation lasting three days," added Mr Rahangdale. There was fear of involvement of other tanks in the fire and huge risk was also feared for the persons involved in the fire-dousing operations," said Mr Rahangdale.45 am on Friday

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A CBI team was set up to nab him after

The accused had married a Kannur-based woman in 2008 and was living in Athazhakkunnu, the police said, adding, they have informed the CBI at Mumbai of the matter. It also clarified that the convicts, undergoing life imprisonment, are expected to remain in custody till death.An absconding accused in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts that killed 257 people, was on Wednesday arrested in the Kannur district of Kerala, the police said.Bringing the curtain down on the 20-year-long judicial proceedings, the Supreme Court had on March 21 this year upheld death sentence of Yakub Abdul Razak Memon, a key conspirator with Dawood Ibrahim in the serial blasts.

Manojlal Bhawarlal (48), the 24th accused in the case, was taken into custody from his house at Athazhakkunnu in China POE Umbrellas the Kannur district, police said. The court had also ordered that Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt return to jail to serve three-and-a-half years sentence for possessing illegal arms.

A CBI team was set up to nab him after the Supreme Court clarified that convicts undergoing life term are expected to remain in custody till death.The apex court had said 33 others will serve rigorous jail term "for their whole life".He was awarded life imprisonment in the Mumbai blast case by the trial court and after 14 years in jail, he was released on special consideration

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Because of the threat alert

Fakruddin is wanted in several cases: the Bengaluru BJP office blast; for trying to trigger a pipe bomb blast during BJP leader L.K. He was overpowered by another inspector at gun-point. Fakruddin was probably waiting for the umbrella procession to cross the point, sources pointed out.Senior officials, however, refused to confirm the prize catch.

Because of the threat alert, heavy police deployment was seen on the procession route. One person in Chennai China wholesale EVA umbrellas closely associated with the Tirupati umbrella procession and another in Tirupur were on his hit-list," police sources said."He was planning to create havoc in the well-attended umbrella procession from Chennai to Tirupati when it was to pass through Elephant Gate, Choolai and Otteri on Friday. Advani’s yatra in Madurai.

He may have been involved in BJP functionary ‘Auditor’ Ramesh’s murder.Chennai: ‘Police’ Fakruddin — the most wanted criminal in the state who carries a prize of Rs 5 lakh on his he ad — was nabbed at gun-point in Choolai in the city on Friday by the orga nised crime intellige n ce unit and Chennai police.On Friday, when one inspector in plainclothes tried to nab him from his room in a lodge, Fakruddin tried to strangle him

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There is currently no doubt that hyperpolarization

Hyperpolarized mitochondria have an elevated transmembrane potential because of the excess of H+ ions in the intermembrane space in comparison with the matrix.The findings are published in the journal Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters.Researchers at Kazan University proved that water-soluble polyol-methanofullerenes can decrease mitochondrial transmembrane potential. Protonophores decrease the mitochondrial potential by facilitating electrogenic transport of protons through the inner mitochondrial membrane.. Neurons normally dont reproduce or replace themselves, so when they become damaged or die they cannot be replaced by the body.

There is currently no doubt that hyperpolarization of mitochondria and concomitant oxidative stress is associated with the development of serious pathologies, such as Alzheimers disease, some cancers, and other conditions.It is also described that water-soluble polyol-methanofullerenes as soft protonophores because they can accept H+ ions only in hyperpolarized mitochondria and cannot penetrate normally polarized mitochondria.

The Neurodegenerative disease is an umbrella term for a range of conditions which primarily affect the neurons which are the building blocks of the nervous China umbrellas system. This makes them promising in the creation of targeted mitochondrial medications and composites based on them

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This is with reference to Sreeram

NarayananGhaziabad. Like the European Union, economic bonding may yet bring South Asia under one congenial umbrella. Amid the chaos of political, ethnic and religious absolutism in the subcontinent, India has steadily prospered through its deeply embedded democratic value systems. China wholesale children umbrellas Compulsions of economic priorities of each nation as also an increasing sense of insecurity brought on by indifferent governance in our neighbours have added to the divide.

This is with reference to Sreeram Chaulia’s article, Cultural diplomacy (May 17). R

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Belmond in a bid to branch into upscale

It already has a partnership with the "Umbrella" singer in make-up.LVMH said last April it expected Fenty to reach $500 million in retail sales in 2018 - which includes the revenue reaped by third parties - though it has not given an update since.Paris: Louis Vuitton parent owner LVMH is developing a luxury brand with singer Rihanna, in a rare move by the acquisitive group towards building a new fashion label from scratch, industry news site WWD reported on Wednesday.Run by billionaire boss Bernard Arnault, LVMH has more often opted to grow through purchases, and it splashed out $3. It said a collection could be released later this year, though the timing was uncertain. The new Rihanna venture would include clothing, leather goods and accessories, WWD said, citing sources with knowledge of the launch.

Fenty Beauty, which was developed with Rihanna via LVMH’s Kendo "brand incubator", which promotes new products and labels, has grown rapidly since launching in September 2017.Luxury firms are facing headwinds including a potential slowdown in key market China, and are jostling to stand out from the crowd and attract younger shoppers by switching designers or working with celebrities and social media influencers as part of a marketing push.

Belmond in a bid to branch into upscale hospitality.In recent months it has also invested heavily in developing its existing brands, however, including Celine, which has brought in a new designer and launched into menswear in a bid to grow revenues.Paris-based LVMH - also the owner China straight umbrellas factory of Christian Dior and Givenchy, among a host of other luxury brands also spanning champagne and cosmetics labels - declined to comment

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We mostly speak Chinese these days

But schemes to save Manchu are spreading as ethnic consciousness grows among the 10-million-strong minority. Manchu became the court language, its angular, alphabetic script used in millions of documents produced by one of the world’s preeminent powers.It was the language of China’s last imperial dynasty which ruled a vast kingdom for nearly three centuries.Now after centuries of decline followed by decades of repression, septuagenarian.

Ji is the youngest of some nine mother-tongue speakers left in Sanjiazi village, one of only two places in China where they can be found.Traders and farmers from what are now the borders of China and Korea, the Manchus took advantage of a crumbling Ming state and swept south in the 1600s to establish their own Qing Dynasty. Manchu is classed as "critically endangered" by the United Nations’ cultural organisation Unesco, which says that half of the more than 6,000 languages spoken worldwide are threatened with extinction, a major loss of knowledge and diversity for humanity. The sign for the village primary school in Sanjiazi, in the north-eastern province of Heilongjiang, is in Manchu’s vertical script, with posters in the language written by pupils lining its corridors.

"We mostly speak Chinese these days — otherwise young people don’t understand," he said, in his sparsely-furnished hut beside cornfields, before launching into a self-composed Manchu lullaby.. Staring intently at an electronic display, a class shouted the Manchu alphabet, followed by words for "umbrella and cow".But 71 year old Ji Jinlu is among only a handful of native Manchu China foldable umbrellas factory speakers left

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The civic body rules stated that the civic

Mumbai: The first selfie point in the city, which had become an instant hit with youngsters at Shivaji China wholesale transparent umbrellas Park, Dadar, has finally been shut down. The outgoing Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) corporator Sandeep Deshpande, the brainchild of the project, has closed it due to lack of funds. But it is now getting difficult to raise funds for it under the Corporate Social Responsibility scheme.Mr Deshpande had set up the selfie-point at Shivaji Park with an umbrella theme during the monsoon and butterfly theme in the winter season. The party had fielded Mr Deshpande’s wife Swapna from ward number 191, which comprises of Shivaji Park and surrounding areas.

"The civic body rules stated that the civic body funds should not be used for such work and hence private companies were roped in under their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme for the project," said Mr Deshpande. However, Shiv Sena’s Vishakha Raut defeated her.Shivaji Park was one of the seats, which the MNS was confident of winning in the recently held civic body polls."The maintenance cost of the selfie-point was about Rs 12 lakh per year.

She had quit her high-profile government job to contest the civic body polls. Hence I have decided to shut down the selfie-point," he said.However, according to political sources, the decision to shut down selfie-point was largely related to MNS’ defeat in Dadar in the recently held Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) polls.. Since its inception, the selfie point had started attracting youths in large numbers

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